How to unfollow someone on a cash app account permanently ? { Let’s Find Out }

We all have to go through a time when we feel the need to unfollow people for our own peace or due to something. The reasons differ from person to person.

Did you know you can unfollow people on a cash app too? On the Cash App home screen, tap the profile icon. Choose Personal. You may delete a phone number or email address by tapping it.

In this article, we will talk about how to unfollow someone on a cash app, in detail. Continue reading.

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How to unfollow someone on a cash App?

The Cash App includes various features, including the ability to transfer money, acquire bitcoins, deposit checks, apply for loans, and make online purchases.

The network is highly popular with users, which has also led to some fraudsters joining and using unscrupulous means of earning money.

On the Cash App, customers occasionally report receiving money demands from unidentified people.

Anyone may request money from anyone using Cashtags, a mobile number, or an email id using the Cash App’s “Request Money” function.

It appears that some people unintentionally pay the money. If you’ve ever paid someone by mistake, you may always challenge a charge to get your money back. If someone is bothering you by continually requesting money, you may also decide to delete them from the Cash App.

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How to remove a user from the Cash App?

Simply adding someone to the block list will quickly remove them from the Cash App. And you should decide before moving further. Even if there is an emergency, blocking the individual will prevent them from asking for money.

The steps to remove someone are as follows:

  1. Open the Cash App
  2. Head over to the Transaction History page.
  3. To block an account, choose it.
  4. Click on More Options.
  5. To proceed, click “Block This Person.”
  6. To confirm, choose the Block once again.

Multiple phone numbers and email addresses can be linked to your Cash App account.

To change the information on your account, follow these steps:

  1. On your Cash App home screen, tap the profile icon.
  2. Choose “Personal”
  3. Tap the phone number or email address you want to delete.
  4. To add and verify a new phone number or email, tap Add Phone or Email.
  5. In order to transfer the funds to your current account, we might require extra verification if the phone number or email is linked to another account.

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Frequently asked questions

Are two Cash App accounts permitted?

Yes, you must have a new bank account in order to open a second Cash App account. This is due to the fact that you are unable to manage a second Cash App account without a new bank account.

Can you view Cash App history?

By logging onto, you may check your account statements. selecting the Statements button located on the upper right. choose the monthly statement you wish to see.

Can I open a new Cash App account after deleting my current one?

After uninstalling your previous Cash App, you will always have the option to create a new one. Even your phone number, bank account, and email address are interchangeable. However, opening a new account won’t bring back your former account’s payment history.

Will Cash App issue a refund if I’m scammed?

Yes, Cash App will often reimburse money to victims of fraud. Users who have been scammed should check into their Cash App accounts, find the fraudulent transaction, and report it by opening a dispute.

Can someone defraud your Cash App?

In order to appear authentic, cash app fraudsters will frequently attempt to pass themselves off as customer service or another corporate representative. They will get in touch with you by SMS, telephone, or even a direct message.

How many times can your Cash App name be changed?

Only two changes may be made to $Cashtags. Previous versions become inactive so that no other client may claim them. Anytime you want, you may go back to a prior $Cashtag.

The bottom line

You must look for the activity where the money request was made in order to remove someone on the Cash App. After choosing the activity tile, all that remains is to choose Block from the other possibilities. Anyone will be immediately removed from the Cash App. Open the Cash App and choose the Transaction History button to do this.

Now that you know how to unblock someone on Cash App, don’t go overboard and ban your contacts or pals. They can be desperately in need of some cash. You may speak with them directly about the problem and offer whatever assistance you can. Blocking is the only method to get out of a situation when a spammer keeps pestering you for money.