How Long Does It Take Cash App To Verify Bitcoin?

The very first thing you should know is that bitcoin is the perfect example of a modern kind of money well known as cryptocurrency. You can purchase bitcoin from anywhere.

But if you are willing to purchase from a cash app then you may have a good amount of money in your bank account to purchase bitcoin.

If you wanted to sell bitcoin you can sell it directly through the Cash app too. And if you are willing to know that how long does it take cash app to verify bitcoin?

The answer for this is that the cash app actually requires a proper verification of the user’s account and the user’s too. To sell bitcoins or to buy bitcoins on the cash app the verification is must need step.

The cash app bitcoin verification may take a bit long in some cases but in some cases, bitcoin verification on the cash app takes only a few days to complete but sometimes or in some cases the verification may take a few weeks to complete the process of verification.

Whenever you add a method of payment to purchase or sell the bitcoin the cash app will automatically ask you to verify your identity, they will request you to mention all your details or information including your full name, date of birth.

And the last four digits of the social security to make a bitcoin purchase. This verification process usually takes a few days or in some cases few weeks too and the minimum time for the verification process is 24 hours and very important thing to remember that.

Bitcoin does not charge any money for bitcoin verification you just need to pay the amount of bitcoin only no need to pay extra for that.

There are a lot of questions or queries asked by the users of the cash app for example many users need to know how to deposit bitcoin into your cash app for verification?

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How Long Does Cash App Verification Take?

How To Deposit Bitcoin Into Your Cash App For Verification?

Steps To Deposit Bitcoin Into Your Cash App For Verification:

  1. The very first thing to do so is that you need to select the bitcoin tab on your cash app home screen.
  2. In the second step, you need to select deposit bitcoin option which will be situated at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Then you need to scan, copy or share your cash app bitcoin mentioned address with an external wallet for safety as well.
  4. Confirm your pin as well as your touch ID.
  5. Now in the last, you may select the option to verify which will be situated in the middle of the screen.
  6. After selecting the verify button you need to wait for the completion of the verification process.

Once the verification is done then you may relax because the task of how to deposit bitcoin into the cash app to verify bitcoin is finally done.

Note – You may know that the verification process can take 24hrs to 3 or 4 working days but in some special cases the verification process takes a few weeks to complete.

How To Send Bitcoin From Cash App?

The very first thing the user needs to do is that he or she needs to go to the cash app home tap on the withdraw bitcoin option and now you may choose the amount you are willing to transfer then you need to scan a QR code with the wallet mentioned address or you can copy and paste it manually.

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How To Send Bitcoin To Cash App?

There are plenty of ways to send bitcoin to cash app but the easiest and simplest steps are hereby mentioned below:

  • The process to send the bitcoin to the cash app is quite easy but it’s a bit lengthy, at first the user needs to activate the withdrawal from the cash app. The verification of bitcoin may take a long time usually it takes a few days or in some cases few weeks also.
  • Now when the verification process is done, you need to open the CASH APP and directly go to the withdraw bitcoin option.
  • Now, how so ever you need to find the fund option and select the bitcoin option.
  • Simply go to the withdraw bitcoin option to withdraw the bitcoin from the cash app or to send the bitcoin.
  • The second last step is to you need to mention or specify the amount of bitcoin the user is willing to transfer and after that, you may select on withdraw option.
  • The last step but not the least is that you need to choose a specific option to scan the QR code to add the recipient address for extra security purposes or else you may enter the address manually by selecting enter manually option. Remember this feature can only be used when you have purchased the bitcoin.

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Important – You need to complete the verification process to send or purchase bitcoin from the cash app and the verification process of bitcoin may take a few days or a few weeks sometimes.