Why Cash App Keep Saying Invalid Card Number?

As you all know to use the cash app that is if you want to make or receive payments using the cash app you have you connect your debit card with the cash app.

However, while doing so many people faces a very common problem which is, when they try to connect their debit card with the cash app it shows an invalid card number. Well, there can be several reasons for the same.

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In this article, we have explained below the reasons behind this issue and how we can solve them.

Why Cash App Keeps Saying Invalid Card Number?

Cash app invalid card number

As mentioned earlier there can be multiple reasons behind this problem. The most common reasons can this can be the wrong CVV, maybe you are entering the wrong expiry date, maybe your card is expired.

Your card is not supported by a cash app or is not allowed to make online payments and many more reasons can be there.

Below we have explained a few common reasons properly in detail for the users:

1. Entering Wrong Card Details

This can be one of the reasons that you are facing the problem of an invalid card number i.e. maybe you are entering the wrong card details.

While entering the details when asked you must be very attentive while doing so because if you enter any of the details wrong your procedure will not be completed.

There are various details that you must be entering wrong:

  • Wrong card number: Most commonly people enter their card number wrong while entering it somewhere usually because the card number is very long and most of the time people are not very attentive while typing it. Be sure about the card number and do not miss any digit.
  • Wrong CVV Number: CVV number is a 2-3 digit code mentioned on the backside of the cardholder. It is also called a car’s security code without which you cannot make or receive payments. Your bank will not allow you to make the payment if you enter the CVV number wrongly. So, make sure that you are entering your CVV number properly.
  • Incorrect expiry date: Expiry date is mentioned on your card which states that when will your card expire. It is available in xx/xx (month/year) format. And most people type it wrong by mixing the month and year in the wrong place which is not valid and it will show an error by stating an invalid card number.

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You should also make sure that your card is not already expired while you are entering your card details. Usually, a debit or credit card is valid till the last day of the month in which it expires. For example: if the expiry date is 12/21 then your card will be valid till 31 December 2021.

  • Wrong cardholder name: The other card detail which the user enters wrong is the name of the cardholder. The name of the owner of the card must be properly mentioned if you want to proceed to the next step.

2. Your Card Has Expired

If you are sure that you have all your card details properly and even then the cash app is showing an error then it is possible that your debit card is already expired. You must confirm your expiry date before connecting your card with the cash app.

3. Card Not Authorized For Internet Transactions

Another very common reason behind the cash app saying invalid card number is that maybe your card does not support online transactions. As specified, few cards can be used for business only, like travel or healthcare.

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In this case, you should contact your bank and you should request your bank to start your online transaction service only then you will be able to connect your card with the cash app otherwise the cash app will not accept your debit card.

4. Debit Card Is Not Activated

Suppose if you have ordered a new debit or credit card for yourself and you haven’t made any payment through it and the first payment you are trying to do is from the cash app it won’t work.

The cash app will not let you add that debit card it will give an invalid card number error.

5. Card Not Supported By Cash App

Before connecting your card with the cash app you should make sure that your card type is supported by the cash app.

The cash app does not support all types of cards. It only supports card types such as:

  • Visa
  • Master card
  • American express
  • Discover

Even after taking into consideration all these points you are facing the same problem and cash app says invalid card number so you can contact support anytime.

Employs of cash app service are available for you to solve your problems 24 hours.