Can You Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App and How Long Does It Take

The short answer is yes. The mobile check deposit feature for Cash App is now available. It enables you to deposit checks into your Cash App account simply by taking a photo of the check with your phone. 

This is an incredibly smart and straightforward method of depositing checks possibly the easiest method that is currently widely accessible in other banking and financial apps. If you cannot deposit checks in the Cash App, it simply indicates that the check depositing feature has not yet been made available to you by the app.

In this article, we will talk about it in detail. Continue reading the article to get the answer to your question: Can You Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App and How Long Does It Take?

Can You Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App and How Long Does It Take?

Yes, you can deposit checks on the cash app. Checks are simple to add to your Cash App account if the feature is turned on. The problem is that the majority of people still do not, and it is impossible to predict when and if everyone will have access to this extremely helpful alternative.

It normally takes 4 business days for mobile check deposits made through Cash App before 7 PM Eastern time from Monday to Friday to appear in your Cash App account.

Checks deposited into your Cash App account are free to do so. 

Five deposits each month totaling $7,500 have reportedly been made, or up to $3,500 per check. Simply use the Cash App and tap on the balance icon ($) to see your restrictions. The Limits menu can be found here. The send and receive restrictions, as well as the amount you can contribute or payout, are displayed after you tap on it.

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There are a few basic requirements your check must meet if you wish to deposit it using the Cash App.

  1. The check is in US dollars payable.
  2. The check has the signature of the maker of it.
  3. The check is made payable to you or jointly to another individual.
  4. It is in your possession and under your control.
  5. It is payable to the order of a bank, credit union, or other US depository institutions
  6. The check’s value is within the maximum amount permitted for mobile check capture use.
  7. The check has a date that is not more than 90 days in the past.
  8. The check, or any image of the check, has already been cashed or deposited.
  9. The check has not undergone any modification.
  10. You strictly followed the directions provided to you to endorse the check.
  11. The check has never been dishonored before, and you are not aware of any indications that indicate it will be.

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How to Use the Cash App to Deposit Checks?

The methods for depositing checks using the Cash App are simple and include:

  1. In the Cash App, tap your balance.
  2. Using the to deposit a check option, scroll down and touch it.
  3. You will then be required to enter the amount of the check you are depositing.
  4. Finally, use the camera on your phone to capture a picture of the check’s front and back.

What Should I Do After I Send a Check?

Before and after you deposit a check, Cash App suggests doing a few things like confirming that your contact details are current so that the business may reach you if necessary. They might get in touch with you via text or email. However, take caution not to click any of the links contained inside as there are con artists posing as customer assistants. 

Wait for a while after submitting a check using Cash App’s Mobile Check Capture before assuming that the submission was successful. It’s also advised to save the original paper check in a secure location.

How to Increase Cash App Limits?

By providing your birth date, full name, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, you can authenticate your account and raise any Cash App limits that are currently set for you.

Be advised that if the business cannot verify your identity using the information above, you may be required to supply more information. It’s customary practice.

What Should You Do If the Cash App Gives You Trouble Depositing a Physical Check?

The mobile check functionality is still somewhat glitchy, according to several users. This is understandable considering that Cash App hasn’t made the functionality available to everyone.

As with any problem, your first course of action should be to call Cash App customer care. From within the Cash App, itself is the simplest way to accomplish this.

From within the Cash App, you can reach assistance by calling:

  1. In Cash App’s upper right corner, tap the profile icon.
  2. Click “Support” after swiping down.
  3. Scroll down instead, then tap “Chat with support.” 
  4. A Cash App representative will assist you as soon as they can once you type out your query or problem.

Note: it may take several hours to get a response.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use an ATM to deposit a check on my Cash App card?

A check cannot be deposited at an ATM using Cash App. Some users can, however, utilize Cash App to deposit checks that are on paper or in person. Only a small number of users can access the feature.

Can you use a Cash App to deposit a check?

The mobile check deposit feature for Cash App is now available. It enables you to deposit checks into your Cash App account simply by snapping a photo of the check with your smartphone.

Can I use an ATM to deposit a check?

As long as the ATM accepts checks, you can deposit a check into any of them at any time, unlike going to a bank branch. However, depending on the amount of the check, you could still have to wait two business days before you have access to all the funds, just like when you visit your branch.

Can you use an ATM to cash a check without having a bank account?

You can cash a check at the bank that issued it or a check-cashing business even if you don’t have a bank account. If you’ve misplaced your ID, you can still cash a check by using an ATM or signing it off to someone else.

Why can’t I use a Cash App to deposit my check?

Even if the Electronic Check satisfies the eligibility requirements and your Cash App account is in good standing, they have the right to refuse to accept it at their sole discretion.

The bottom line

The Cash App is now rolling out a new function to its users called mobile check deposit. The system is currently problematic, so use caution until they can iron out all the wrinkles, according to those individuals who have access to it. Using mobile Cash App deposits may result in a somewhat longer access time to your money than other mobile banking platforms, at about 4 business days.